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BTB Futsal Tourney 2023

Welcome to the 2nd annual BTB futsal tournament. The futsal tournament is being held to give players in BTB an extra development opportunity to compete in a tight space against good competition.


  • BTB Futsal Tournament 

  • Date: Feb 20-Feb 26

  • Location: Westmount fitness club and St. Nicholas Junior high 

  • Price: $75

  • 4 Division: U11 (2013/2012) U13 (2011/2010) U15 (2009/2008) U17 (2007/2006)

  • Roster size: 5 teams, 10 players max per team (50 players max per division)

  • Secure spot by registering early!

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Coach giving young soccer team instructions. Youth soccer team together before final game.
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The BTB Spring Cup was created to bring high level tournament play to the Edmonton and surrounding regions before teams start their summer league season/competition.


The core values of the tournament is competition, diversity & inclusion, and fair play.

Competition: Bringing high level teams together to play competitive games to help in the development of the player and the team.


Diversity & Inclusion: Teams from all leagues, regions, and provinces coming together to compete at a high level.

Fair Play: Respecting the rules, opponents, officials, volunteers, facilities, and everything involved in and around the game.

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BTB Spring Cup 2023

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