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Alpha Pro Strength and Conditioning

  • Alpha Pro specializes in athletic training for teenage and adult athletes. 

  • Trainers work on sport-specific workout programs designed to make the players more efficient in their respective sports. 

  • Trainers work with athletes either one-on-one or in a team environment. Working with all aspects of athletic development, including speed, power, stability, injury prevention, and agility. 
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Mental Performance & Preparation 

Lisa Rogerson, PhD. MPC


Owner of Strive Consulting. Academic Instructor at the University of Alberta (Kinesiology) and Grant MacEwan University (Psychology)

Accredited Mental Performance Consultant with Canadian Sport Psychology Association. 


Lisa has 20 years of experience working with Olympic and Club level athletes. Lisa has been part of the NCCP coach development program and a service consultant with the National Sport Centre.


The main purpose of sports psychology is to enhance an individual's athletic performance. Mental skills and strategies help athletes concentrate better, deal more effectively with competitive stress, and practice and train more efficiently.

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Sports nutrition is defined as the application of nutrition knowledge to a practical daily eating plan. 

  • Its focus: 

    • providing the fuel for physical activity;

    • facilitating the repair and rebuilding process following hard physical work; and 

    • optimizing athletic performance in competitive events while also promoting overall health and wellness. 


In addition, Philosophy Wellness provides rehabilitation for athletes needing physiotherapy support to return to full


Jessica Hess


Parallel Lines

Video analysis 


Mike Durodola expertly and passionately breaks down our VEO game films for teams, coaches and individuals providing technical and tactical insights using the best technology in auto-recording football technology.

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